Lambsquay Country House Hotel

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Gluten Free and Allergies

Gluten Free Aware

Most of our soups are thickened with the vegetable ingredient alone (the Chef will know the exceptions)

Gluten-Free bread, Gluten Free pastry tops and Gluten Free Yorkshire puddings are available and our gravies are also Gluten-Free.

The meat for our pies is cooked without flour. Gluten Free breakfast cereals and sausages also available, please ask for the Gluten Free breakfast Menu.

However this is not a guarantee for all items. Please ask, the Chef will know.

Please make sure your waitress/waiter understands you are ordering Gluten Free choices.

Nut Aware

We have a large number of dishes that do not contain nuts.

We are very careful when handling nuts in the kitchen not to contaminate our nut free dishes,

But we cannot guarentee our dishes are totally nut free as they are made in a kitchen handling nuts

Please ask, the Chef will know.